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What's all this then?

Cyberwanderers is a wiki and set of services focused on the weird old days of the computing, BBS and the internet. From games to old websites and all manner of strange things between. A bit of nostalgia mixed with the strange.


The intention of this wiki is to provide a rabbit warren of oddities and memories from the 80s to the late 00's, preserve and archive and make it interesting to navigate.

If you have any odd things from the internet and would like to submit them or become an editor, let me know.

Contact via IRC or E-Mail. If you would rather use your own IRC client the server can be reached via on port 6667 or port 6697 for an SSL connection.

You'll find me in #thelounge or #peregrination.


Game Servers

Morrowind Multiplayer Everquest Ultima Online Phantasy Star Online
Endless Online Ragnarok Online Lineage II Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine
Project Zomboid Space Engineers Starbound Terraria
V Rising Veloren Valheim Mindustry
Windward Satisfactory ARK ??



Websites to Archive

Website Archival System

Internet Archive

Geocities Backup



CybertubeThe Video Streaming System(Owncast)

Peregrinatio's Random Radio Test System


IRC Webchat or IRC Tutorial

BBS Web Client or BBS Tutorial

No, I don't have any idea what I am doing. Where would the fun be in that?


Project 1999 Guide Mirrors

The Soloists Guide